About Us

Locally Owned & Operated

We opened in June 2022 with a mission to share our love of food. We enjoy creating fresh and fun menu items, so you can expect our menu to change with the seasons. Not only is this exciting for us (and hopefully you,) but it helps our small business keep food waste low as part of our sustainability goals. You will notice we use paper and bamboo takeout products over plastic, and have sourced many of our wares secondhand.

Our atmosphere playfully reflects our love of Lake Superior.

Behind The Name

The Madeira shipwreck lies off Gold Rock Cliff near Split Rock Lighthouse. One of 20+ ships wrecked during the terrible Mataafa Storm of 1905, Madeira was a schooner barge in ballast and undertow of the steamer ship William Edenborn. Separated during the storm, Madeira struck ground and broke in two. One of the ship’s crew of 10, Fred Benson, managed to grab a line, jump to the rocks and climb to the top of the 60 foot cliff to pull his crewmen to safety, saving all but one. With such great loss of life and property, a campaign was launched to erect a lighthouse, thus in 1910 Split Rock Lighthouse was built, within sight of the Madeira shipwreck.